Since year 1937 THE INDIAN HUME PIPE CO. LTD., is contributing to the power sector by designing, fabricating and installing, penstock pipes for hydro electric projects and cooling water pipelines for thermal power plants.

Hydro Power Projects

A penstock is a high pressure steel pipeline that conveys water from storage reservoir to the turbines to generate Hydro power which is one of the vital sections of a hydro electric power project. The design, fabrication and erection of penstock pipes demand a high degree of skill & quality control. Until the late thirties, Penstocks and even the technicians had to be brought from abroad but however in 1937 the company decided to take up the challenge of manufacturing penstock in India and offered its services to the madras government for the prestigious Papanasam Hydel Project. This work was secured against heavy odds and executed successfully to the satisfaction of the project authorities.

Since then the company has established a long track record in steel penstocks with a wide range of steel plates for several hydro electric projects all over India and also neighboring countries under the most diverse and adverse conditions. Since it is difficult to transport larger penstock pipes, the company started setting up site facilities to fabricate penstock so that deliveries to site are limited to steel plates only.


  1. Fabricated and installed over 1,35,000 MT of steel penstock & steel liners for more than 50 Nos. of Hydro Electric Projects.
  2. Successfully fabricated and installed over 35,000 MT of Penstock Pipes made of extra high tensile steel like ASTM A 517 Gr F (Quenched & Tempered steel) having Y.P. more than 700 Mpa.
  3. Largest diameter of 7.80 M penstock fabricated and installed for Almatti Dam Power House Karnataka.
  4. Larger diameter of 10.15 M Steel Liners fabricated and installed for Nathpa Jhakari Hydro Electric Project Himachal Pradesh.
  5. Fabricated & Installed Penstock with head of 1000M for Sanjay Vidyut Pariyojna Bhabha Himachal Pradesh.
  6. The largest project with fabrication and installation, in terms of volume, was Sharavati HEP Stage II in Karnataka, involving 9,900 MT of Penstock pipes and specials.
  7. Designed, Fabricated and Installed Penstock specials with extra high tensile steel to withstand very high pressure such as Bifurcation, Trifurcation, Spherical Branch, Bell Mouth, Transitions, Expansion Joints, Ring Girder supports etc.

Thermal Power Projects

The Company also fabricates and installs cooling water pipelines for Thermal & Combined cycle power plants. The company has successfully designed, fabricated & installed cooling water pipelines for ASEA BROWN BOVERI LTD. for their Anta and Gandhar Combined Cycle power plant, for TATA ELECTRIC COMPANIES for their Trombay Thermal Power station unit 6 and Trombay Combined Cycle Power Plant. The company has manufactured and successfully installed 1800mm dia BWSC pipeline for cooling ater pipeline at Samalkot Combined cycle power project for BSES Andhra Power Limited Company.

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