IHP has successfully managed operations overseas and delivered concrete pipes and sleepers in Iraq and Burma.

  1. Management and operation of RCC pipe plant – Baghdad, Iraq (1980 -1983)
    We have successfully executed a major management contract involving manufacture of various sizes of heavy duty RCC pipes for storm water drainage of diameters ranging from 400 to 2500 mm designed to carry external loads of 1,900 kg/ mtr to 12,700 kg/mtr, and pipe thickness ranging from 60mm to 240 mm. The total weight of the pipes manufactured was 1,07,766 M.T. The above pipes were manufactured by Humes spinning process for M/S Mitsubhishi Ocean Development Corporation and Nippon Humes of Japan. A total of 19,389 numbers of pipes were manufactured with in 18 months during 1980-1983. The above pipes were used for storm drainage – Baghdad. Out of the above, 8,424 pipes were provided with PVC lining immediately after spinning for carrying corrosive effluent. We had also manufactured 1,942 jacking pipes ranging from 1500 mm to 2500 mm dia.
  2. Management and operation of Prestressed Concrete Sleeper plant – Samawa, Iraq (1982 - 1983)
    We were awarded a contract for the management and operation of a Prestressed Concrete sleeper plant at Samawa in Iraq. The plant was set up by M/S IRCON, NEW DELHI for manufacture of 1,77,100 sleepers for the use of Mussayeb - Samawa Railway project in Iraq. The sleepers were manufactured by long line method with semi automatic plant. The plant consisted one fully automatic weigh batching system with 6 beds having 52 moulds of twin lines and manufactured average 624 sleepers / day. The work was completed very efficiently ahead of schedule.
  3. Management and operation of Prestressed Concrete Sleeper plant – Baghadad, Iraq (1981 - 1986)
    We efficiently operated a fully mechanized plant with our skilled work force for the manufacturing of 2.5 million sleepers erected by M/S Dow Mac Concrete Ltd, England at Abu-Gharaib, Baghdad-Iraq. We established a world record by consistently manufacturing 2240 sleepers/day .The sleepers were manufactured by gang mould system consisting 2 bays having 5 beds each . Each bed were having 35 gang moulds of 8 sleepers. Thus the installed capacity of the plant was 2800 sleepers /day (2x5x35x8). In place of conventional water curing of sleepers, Direct Electrical Curing (DEC) was implemented for getting uniform curing results. The sleepers were designed to carry high speed passenger and freight traffic .The plant was operated for 5 years from 1981-1986.
  4. Technical consultancy Services and professional expertise to Rangoon Water supply Scheme in Burma (1976 - 1978)
    Our company has supplied technical consultancy services and professional expertise through “Water & Power Development Consultancy Services ( WAPCOS), a Government of India Undertaking to Rangoon Water Supply Scheme in Burma. The work involved 66 “ dia , 30 miles length of PSC pipe line. Our scope of work was “Selection of economic pipe material, preparation and evaluation of tenders for supply of PSC pipe manufacturing unit, consultancy services for setting up PSC pipe plant, manufacture of PSC pipes and installation and commissioning of the pipe line “
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