Our founder - Late Seth. Walchand Hirachand was among the prominent men, who took the initiative to build a modern India and is regarded as one of the pioneering architects of modern Industrial India. In the year 1926, he formed “The Indian Hume Pipe Co. Ltd.” with licence from Humes of Australia for the manufacture of Reinforced Cement Concrete Pipes.


The company is acknowledged as a pioneer in the industry with an unbeatable track record of introducing the following products in India.

Main Advantages

These are some of the reasons why IHP has a competitive advantage in its industry.

a. Wide geographical footprint.
Today the Company has a wide network of 19 factories spread across 8 states and over 100 projects under execution all over India. This makes IHP the single largest manufacturer of concrete pressure pipes in the country along with the ability to deliver its products to clients with the lowest possible transport cost as well as fulfill orders in the shortest possible timeline amongst anyone in the industry. In case of large orders for a specific project, IHP has the financial and organizational strength to establish local manufacturing units near to the site.

b. Superior quality
Being the pioneering company that was responsible for introducing many of the pipes used today, IHP has played a crucial role in defining and establishing the engineering/design standards which are used. By employing modern technology and stringent quality control measures, IHP has been able to consistently deliver the highest quality concrete and steel pipes and is regarded in the industry as a quality leader. IHP is one of the few pipe companies to have a recognized R&D division which is responsible for implementing a strict and uniform quality control process on all its manufacturing units. Owing to this all of IHP’s factories can deliver pipes with the same high quality standards. Most of the units have BIS Licence and ISO Certifications.

c. Large diameter pipes
IHP is constantly working towards meeting the growing demand for large diameter concrete pipes in India. IHP is the first and only company in India to successfully manufacture and install 2000mm dia Prestressed Concrete Pipe (PSC) and 1800mm dia Bar Wrapped Steel Cylinder Pipe (BWSC) on a large scale. IHP’s manufacturing units are well equipped to deliver large diameter pipes in most locations.

d. New developments
IHP is always on the lookout for adopting higher international specifications by suggesting changes to the Indian Standard (BIS) after a thorough investigation through in-house testing. Our R&D division has the expertise and is continuously working on changes to improve the quality of our products. IHP’s constant endeavor is to work towards bringing in an evolution in concrete pipe products to india, that is similar to what has taken place in western countries.

e. Project Execution
IHP has an excellent track record as a contractor for successfully executing water supply, sewage, irrigation and power projects (piping).In the field of water supply IHP has completed a number of prestigious turnkey projects involving various stages of project such as Intake Well, Pumping Station, Main pipeline, Water treatment plant, Reservoirs, Distribution pipelines. Some of our highlighted projects are listed out in the product and project section. Our highest value project under execution is Puliknuma LIS, Andhra Pradesh with a value of 273 cr.

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